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These photos were taken on November 2nd, 2001. The year's second-to-last night of Halloween Horror Nights started out a bit drizzly, but the weather cleared up in plenty of time for me to get some fantastic photos. This page presents a colorful virtual tour of the fun.

On the second-to-last night of the event, the marquee outside the park entrance reports Horror Nights as sold out.

The trademark Universal globe slowly rotates over the water, guarding the entryway to Universal CityWalk.

As ghouls dance through the streets, hooded wraiths throw beads and coins from atop the garish floats of the parade.

By night, ordinary streets and building facades assume a hellish glow.

Frankenstein's Monster lets out his wild side in Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue.

A youthful, gypsy-like Dracula flirts with the camera, while Frankie does his thing.

The gang's all here--the cast of the revue strike a pose at the end of their number.

The glowing neon of Mel's Die-In invites hungry revelers for a midnight snack.

The towering structure of the Men In Black ride glows across the water.

Laser lights pulse to the beat of techno music in the heart of the park's main drag.