Halloween - Calendar Events
Forget Christmas! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love everything that it brings: haunted houses and jack-o'-lanterns, ghost stories and horror-movie marathons, monster costumes and candy, werewolves and vampires and scarecrows. It's the most fun (and sometimes the only fun) I have all year.

October - Calendar Events
I love October; it's by far my favorite month. To me it symbolizes the end of our hot and storm-ridden Florida summers, and the beginning of the time of year when I can really feel alive. It's also the month when my favorite events and occasions happen, from Halloween to postseason baseball.

LXG: Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde - Characters: Book/Movie
One (or would that be two?) of my two favorite LXG characters—not surprisingly, since I've long loved other variations of Jekyll and Hyde. Gotta have the angst, and poor tormented Jekyll is the prime source of it for this fandom. Besides that, Henry Jekyll/Mina Harker is my LXG pairing of choice.

X-Men: Logan aka Wolverine - Characters: Book/Movie
What can I say? When it comes to adamantium claws, I'm a hopeless fangirl. *g* Wolverine is one of the most important guys in my fannish life. He's one of the characters I've written most in fanfiction. He's the guy I have a four-foot-wide poster of on my wall—and he's just about the only guy left who can lure me into a movie theater.

X-Men: Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler - Characters: Book/Movie
Although he's only in one of the movies, Kurt is my second favorite X-Men character. I love his faith and his gentleness, and I really love the idea of a demonic-looking creature with a beautiful soul. He also happens to be half of my "One True Pairing" in the X-Men fandom, which is Nightcrawler and Storm.

Dracula (1931) - Movies
The first and greatest of the legendary Universal horror films is one of my favorite movies of all time. Bela Lugosi is and forever will be Count Dracula, and no one will ever match the brilliance of Edward Van Sloan and Dwight Frye as Van Helsing and Renfield—nor the sheer haunting atmosphere of the film itself.

Galaxy Quest (1999) - Movies
As a reformed ex-Trekker, I admire this movie a lot. It pokes fun hilariously at just about every old scifi cliché there is; but it also manages to make time for some very real and poignant character development. The growth of Tim Allen's character from has-been to hero is quite inspiring to me.

Dragons - Mythology
I've loved these wonderful creatures of the imagination ever since I was a little girl, when I spent lazy afternoons under an orange tree reading Walter Dean Myers' The Dragon Takes a Wife. Since then, I've spent plenty of money I shouldn't have on statuettes, posters, and jewelry depicting dragons.

Werewolves - Mythology
I've become rather obsessively fascinated by werewolves in the last several years. *g* I'm always interested in movies and stories about them—but even more importantly, I've been taking great enjoyment and satisfaction in writing werewolf characters. I actually find that they're more intriguing to me than vampires.


LXG: Rodney Skinner - Characters: Book/Movie
The other of my two favorite LXG characters. I really love the snark factor with Rodney. He's the one I've written most in my LXG fanfiction; I enjoy getting into the deeper virtues beneath his cynical, mocking exterior. And of course, who wouldn't love that leather duster of his? *g*

X-Men: Henry McCoy aka Beast - Characters: Book/Movie
The third X-Men movie was a great disappointment to me, but the one thing that vastly exceeded my expectations was Kelsey Grammer's wonderful portrayal of Beast. This character fascinates and inspires me. I adore Hank's combination of intellect, humor, and raw animal power.

X-Men: [+] Male Characters - Characters: Book/Movie
Male characters are always the ones that hook me into a fandom, and the X-Men are no exception—as you can see from my other wishlisted X-Men characters! Even the ones who aren't specifically on my wishlist intrigue me. I've loved exploring all of their lives and stories in my fanfiction.

X-Men: [+] X-Men - Characters: Book/Movie
I love heroes. More than that, I love teams of heroes who work together for a common cause—and care for each other—even as they struggle to work out their own unique and complex personal challenges and relationships. The X-Men are everything I could ask for in that.

Dracula by Bram Stoker - Literature
This fanlisting was my ultimate wishlister! Dracula is, simply put, my lifelong favorite book. I love the story, the characters, the genre, and the classic film adaptations. More than that, to me it is the ultimate tale of good against evil, and that's what I love about it most of all.

The Bride of Frankenstein - Movies
This film is one of those rare cases where a sequel is perhaps even better than the original. Boris Karloff may have originally disapproved of allowing the Monster to talk, but it brings a new level of both pathos and menace to his unrivaled portrayal. And who can't love Elsa Lanchester as the Bride?

Frankenstein - Movies
More than any other film, Frankenstein is probably recognized as the cornerstone of Universal's classic horror legacy (even if Dracula did come first). Boris Karloff's alternately touching and terrifying characterization of the Monster has been imitated the world over, but it will never be equaled.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Movies
For me, there could not be a much more splendid premise than a steampunk crossover of Victorian heroes. LXG doesn't quite do it the justice it deserves—but it's still one of the very few movies made in the last few decades that I'm a true fan of, and it's also a very fond fanfiction subject to me.

The Wolf Man - Movies
For this lycanthrope lover, nothing beats the granddaddy of all werewolf movies, which has the most impressive cast of any Universal horror classic. Lon Chaney Jr. needed no CGI to play a tortured soul transformed into a beast—and Claude Rains' role as the stoic Sir John is very dear to my heart.

X2: X-Men United - Movies
By far the best film in the X-Men franchise, this is my favorite non-classic movie. It brought me into one of my most active fandoms, inspiring some of the best fanfiction I have ever written, and I'll always remember how much it contributed to the best summer of my life.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Movies
I failed to get this fanlisting after the movie came out, but I got to adopt it a year later! Like X2, Wolverine has some great memories connected with it for me, and it helped reconnect me with the fandom. It's also about my very favorite X-Men character. What more could a fangirl ask?

Hogan's Heroes - TV Shows
I've been a fan of this show for a number of years, and the two fanfiction stories I've written about it are still among the best things I've written. I'm one of those fans who sees so much more than just the comedy of the show; I love the underlying loyalty and courage of the Heroes, too.