Screen Tough
Subject: Humphrey Bogart | Categories: Actors
Fighting Irishman
Subject: James Cagney | Categories: Actors, Directors/Producers
Good and Evil
Subject: Peter Cushing | Category: Actors
Subject: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. | Category: Actors
Art of Madness
Subject: Dwight Frye | Category: Actors
Intellectual Charm
Subject: Leslie Howard | Categories: Actors, Directors/Producers
Subject: Allen Jenkins | Category: Actors
Subject: Boris Karloff | Category: Actors
Insanely Talented
Subject: Danny Kaye | Categories: Actors, Male Musicians
Subject: Peter Lorre | Category: Actors
Rather Grim Tales...
Subject: Bela Lugosi | Category: Actors
Subject: Fredric March | Category: Actors
Double Exposure
Subject: Roddy McDowall | Category: Actors
Subject: Frank McHugh | Category: Actors
Subject: William Powell | Category: Actors
Subject: Claude Rains | Category: Actors
Refined Boredom
Subject: George Sanders | Category: Actors
Subject: Turner Classic Movies | Category: Advertising/TV Channels
Light of Day
Subject: Drops of Jupiter (Train) | Category: Albums
Subject: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command | Category: Animation
Subject: Generator Rex | Category: Animation
Hearts in Exile
Subject: Edward Elric/Noa (Fullmetal Alchemist) | Category: Anime - Relationships
Full Moon
Subject: [+] Werewolves (General) | Category: Characters - Book/Movie
Subject: Abraham Van Helsing (Dracula) | Category: Characters - Book/Movie
Subject: Sherlock Holmes (Holmes Stories) | Category: Characters - Book/Movie
More Than You See
Subject: Rodney Skinner (LXG) | Category: Characters - Book/Movie
Extraordinary Woman
Subject: Mina Harker (LXG) | Category: Characters - Book/Movie
Subject: Hank McCoy "Beast" (X-Men) | Category: Characters - Book/Movie
Subject: Ororo Munroe "Storm" (X-Men) | Category: Characters - Book/Movie
Subject: [+] Male Characters (X-Men) | Category: Characters - Book/Movie
Subject: [+] X-Men (X-Men) | Category: Characters - Book/Movie
Subject: Barnabas Collins ("Dark Shadows") | Category: Characters - TV
Imagination X
Subject: X-Men Fanfiction | Category: Fan Works
Heroes Also Dream
Subject: X-Men Gen Fanfiction | Category: Fan Works
Steel Cage Heart
Subject: Wolverine Gen Fanfiction | Category: Fan Works
Subject: Fedora Hats | Category: Fashion/Beauty
Fear Factor
Subject: Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights | Category: Hobbies/Recreation
Subject: Dracula by Bram Stoker | Category: Literature
Subject: Doctor Syn Series by Russell Thorndike | Category: Literature
Dangerous Knowledge
Subject: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde | Category: Literature, Movies
Reign of Terror
Subject: The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells | Categories: Literature, Movies
Saint Errant
Subject: The Saint Series by Leslie Charteris | Category: Literature
The Great Detective
Subject: Sherlock Holmes Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | Category: Literature
Subject: Classic Horror Genre | Categories: Literature, Movies, TV Shows
Subject: Steampunk Genre | Categories: Literature, Movies
Golden Age
Subject: 1930s Genre | Category: Movies
Even the Phone is Dead
Subject: The Black Cat | Category: Movies
We Belong Dead
Subject: The Bride of Frankenstein | Category: Movies
The Meaning of Beauty
Subject: Death Takes a Holiday | Category: Movies
It's Alive!
Subject: Frankenstein | Category: Movies
Victorian Superheroes
Subject: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen | Category: Movies
Society Sleuths
Subject: Thin Man Series | Category: Movies
When the Autumn Moon is Bright
Subject: The Wolf Man | Category: Movies
Subject: X-Men | Category: Movies
Subject: X2: X-Men United | Category: Movies
Subject: X-Men Origins: Wolverine | Category: Movies
Closer to the Edge
Subject: 3 Doors Down | Category: Musicians - Bands/Groups
I See Stars
Subject: The Violet Burning | Category: Musicians - Bands/Groups
The Old City
Subject: St. Augustine, Florida | Category: Places
Subject: Storm/Nightcrawler (X-Men) | Category: Relationships - Book/Movie
Inner Demons
Subject: Mina Harker/Henry Jekyll (LXG) | Category: Relationships - Book/Movie
It's Okay...We're Twins
Subject: Ryan Stiles & Colin Mochrie | Category: Relationships - Real Life
Subject: Tampa Bay Rays | Category: Sports
Odds Against You?
Subject: The Equalizer | Category: TV Shows
World War II with a Laugh Track
Subject: Hogan's Heroes | Category: TV Shows
Once You Go Jack...
Subject: Jack of All Trades | Category: TV Shows
Book of Knowledge
Subject: Secret Adventures of Jules Verne | Category: TV Shows
Resist or Perish!
Subject: V | Category: TV Shows