These are the rules for joining the Van Helsing Fanlisting.

Be a fan of the character Professor Abraham Van Helsing, whether from literature or film. You do not need to have a website.

If you do have a website, please provide a link to this siteís main page, using either one of these buttons or plain text. If I canít find the link, your site will not be included in your listing. (Itís always a good idea to put the URL to your fanlistings "joined" page in the comments field, especially if your site is in a language other than English.)

If your site contains material that is not appropriate for younger viewers, please do not submit it. If you do, it will not be included with the rest of your information.

Images must be stored on your own server. If it is found that you have linked directly to graphics on this site, the link to your own site will be removed.

The only information required in the listing is your name, country, and a valid email address. Your email address will be made public only if you select that option on the join form. Otherwise, it will remain strictly private.

Please give me a real name or a reasonable nickname, without numbers or StIcKy CaPs. Inappropriate names will be edited.

In the "Favorite Van Helsing" field, you can include the name of whichever actor or book portrays your favorite version of the character. If you list the name of a book, please include the name of the author. If you don't want to name a favorite, simply leave this field blank. (NOTE: I will not accept Hugh Jackman's character from the movie Van Helsing in the favorites field. Both and myself consider that character to be completely different from the one created by Bram Stoker. If you do list this, your favorites field will be left blank.)

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


Trouble with the form? Need to edit? Email me with the info.