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My Communities

James Cagney Fans
A LiveJournal community honoring the greatest actor ever to grace the screen.

Saint Fans
Discussion of Leslie Charteris' fictional hero Simon Templar, in all his incarnations.

Stalag 13
A LiveJournal community for fans of the 1960s World War II sitcom "Hogan's Heroes".

My Off-Site Archives

JordannaMorgan @ DeviantArt
My graphics resources are hosted here, but I may expand this in the future.

Jordanna Morgan @ FanFiction.net
All my works of fanfiction are posted here, as well as at my own Librarie.

Other Links

Trade books with other members for nothing but the cost of postage.

The Peter Cushing Association
The posthumous official website of a gifted actor and a very dear man.

Capsule 3
A graphics-design website belonging to my cousin.