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Name: Jordanna Morgan.

Nicknames: I’m commonly known as Jordi to my friends. An old acquaintance once gave me the title of “Conservative Gothic”, which I took to as an embodiment of everything I am. Another friend has occasionally called me “Bitter Rose”, the weirdly appropriate random name I drew in an online Medieval-character quiz. It sometimes pleases me to refer to myself as “Mrs. Walter Mitty”, due to my love for the film character played by Danny Kaye. And in my pursuits as a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, you can call me the Prose Alchemist or Risu (Japanese for squirrel).

Age: …Early thirties, chronologically. Mentally either forty or ninety, depending on who you ask.

Location: Born and still stranded in Florida…but after being terrorized by the hurricanes of 2004, one of my greatest wishes is to move to Arizona. I want a place that will be warm, dry, and safely distant from the coastline.

Status: Single. Looking for my very own “real-life Walter Mitty”—a sweet, gentle guy who loves books and stories, has a vivid imagination, and can make me laugh. (And who will be content not to have any children, incidentally.)

Pet: I’m currently owned by the most tyrannical beautiful cat in the world. You can give her the adulation she demands by visiting her Photo Album.

Religion: Christian. I have strongly fundamentalist morals, although I’m not at all big on ritualistic religiosity. Faith in God is a relationship, not a routine.

Politics: Conservative Republican in deep right field. Anti-everything liberal.

Principles: I won’t touch alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. I don’t swear. I believe sex belongs strictly between a married man and woman. On the personal level, I’m downright proud of the fact that I dislike anything truly popular (and this includes all megafandoms having to do with pirates, elves, and wizards). I refuse to submit to the bondage of “fashion”; I will never wear high heels or color my hair, and only for very important occasions will I wear even the least bit of makeup.

Ancestry: Part Irish, part Native American (quite possibly Choctaw), and any number of other bloodlines that are pretty much a mystery. I’m proud of both of those known heritages, though.

Goals: To write the dozen books in my head—and hopefully see them in print someday, of course. My muses torment me with their stories, but these days they refuse to cooperate when I actually sit down to write.

Hobbies: Watching/obsessing over classic movies, preferably dating from 1930 through WWII. Writing, when the muses do consent. Making icons and other graphics. Reading books written mostly before 1950, usually about adventurous English heroes of bygone eras. Listening to Christian and mainstream rock/alternative music—the one area in which my tastes are modern. Making jewelry and other handcrafted creations.